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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes certainly, we have more than 20 years of experience in the horological world. We are confident to proclaim we are the best in watch service and repair in Indonesia. Our specialties include service, polish, cleaning, replacement parts, and many straps selections

We made repairing your timepiece in TIK-TOK Watch Repair quite easy. You just have to come to our store that is closest to your location. Then, submit your watch problem to our technician (watchmaker) to be diagnosed.

After that, you will be asked to wait  (depending on the level of complexity) to be able to pick up your watch in our shop in a fully repaired condition.

Recently we just made our services available to send it from anywhere in Indonesia, contact our customer support via WhatsApp using the provided button in the bottom right corner.

In a nutshell, the price of repairing your watch is very difficult to estimate before seeing the actual condition of the watch. We must diagnose the damage of your watch directly in our store directly by our technicians. Then, our technicians will be able to provide the caused of the damage and the estimated fees for the repair of your watch

Our customer service we will be able to get a rough estimate, provided all the necessary details are provided.

Our stores have spread to several major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Solo, Surabaya and Bali. For more information, please check this website in the Locations section.

Estimated time for watch repair may varies, depending on the level of difficulty of the repair itself. However, we will always try to provide the best timeframe estimate and give extra effort to deliver speedy service for you

In addition, our experience in dealing with minor damage, customers can wait at our store for a few minutes or hours to complete. But if the level of damage to the clock is quite complex, then naturally the time required is longer and you may have to wait for a period of several days while we handle your watch.

Basically, we can fix all types of watches, from Timex to Rolex. Starting from watches with low prestige value to very high. If it’s ticking we are fixing.

Yes, in addition to service/repair services, we also provide polish services, replacement of parts, to cleaning watches.

To find out the difference between cleaning and polish, you may learn further in the link provided.

Sure! We provide warranty repairs up to 6 months. The warranty only applies to services such as battery replacement and spare parts replacement. For cleaning and polishing services, there is no guarantee.

 * Please consult with the relevant stores for the warranty of each of our services.

You can contact our Customer Service at +6281219537308 or come directly to our nearest store.

Or you may visit our Tokopedia store for buying straps online.

Yes we are! We are now live and ready to take orders through our online channel. You may use the form provided in this website or contact us directly in our whatsapp.

Yes, we sell a variety of straps in the Tokopedia marketplace. Please visit our online store at Tokopedia: TIK-TOK Watch Repair.

The reason is quite simple because every watch to be serviced has a level of complexity that varies from one to another. We cannot possibly list services with such complexity. For that, we need to check the physical condition of your watch to diagnose the damage and then provide the estimate of the fee.

We provide quite various types of straps in various sizes for various types of watches. So, it is possible that whatever your watch is, we provide the right strap type for it.

Please take a look our Tokopedia store for all of our collections.

You can see our price list by  come directly to our stores or by checking the price at TIK-TOK Watch Repair on Tokopedia.

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