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Common indication

Battery Replacement

The first obvious indication is when your watch not functional or not moving at all.

However, you may spot a dying battery typically by observing the "second hand" or the "seconds needle" gets jumpy or moving abnormally.

Common Indication


You will know your watch need a proper cleaning when accumulated dust and grease get into the small gaps and does not come off with a standard wipe.

Especially watch with a stainless steel band, it easily pickups dirt and sweats left over from everyday use.

Common Indications


Minor scratches and dents on the exterior are the usual symptoms that can be restored through polishing.

With polishing, we scrape off a thin layer of your watch exterior to restore the original aesthetic.

Common Indications

Parts Replacement

The indications can be from the watch behaving abnormally to not working at all.

Different type of watches (Quartz, Automatic, Manual Winding etc) may show different indications

Common Indications

Service and Maintenance

Your watch may need a service due to severe physical impact and shock. This can result in misalignment in the interior gears that can cause your watch behaving irregularly.

We do also recommend once every 3 years for the watch be serviced.

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Not sure what service you need for your watch? Saves time by having your watches diagnose by our watchmakers online through completing the repair form.

Alternatively you can also visit one of our outlets.

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TIK-TOK Watch Repair

Why Choose Us?

TIK-TOK Watch Repair opened its first store in 2016 at Mall Bali Galeria. Today we are operating 8 stores throughout Indonesia (Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, Solo dan Bali), however, it all started with our family business that has operate since the early 1980s. Our rich history in watch industries has made us the leading watch repair service.  Here are some of our advantages in the industry:

  • Over 30+ years experince in chronograph industries
  • We don't look watch by the financial value, rather we look every watch's sentimental value
  • Our gears and equipments are imported and industry standards
  • All of our watchmakers are handpicked and passed our own internal test
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