Service and Maintenance

TIK-TOK Watch Services

Service and Maintenance for Luxury Watch

Just like a car, in order to maintain its performance, your watch would also need to be maintained with a regular service. A diligent service will prolong the life of your watch.

Common Indications
  • Abnormal behavior of your watch
  • The watch completely not ticking or moving
  • We recommend every 3 years for servicing
Our Method

Our priority is taking care the well-being of your watch, therefore we will identify (if any) worn out parts and educate the watch owners on how to prevent it in the future and how it will affect your watch if there no action taken.

  • We identify any dying or worn out parts
  • We will inform the watch owners how any worn out parts can affect your watch in the future
  • We will share tips to prevent it in the future
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