Parts Replacement

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Parts Replacement

A timepiece consisted of many complex cogs and gears. Therefore this mechanical parts may tear over time, parts replacement may be required overtime.

Common Indications
  • Abnormal behavior especially on the hands (needle)
  • Your timepiece suddenly not moving
  • Quartz, Manual Winding, Automatic watches may show different symtoms
Our Method

Our watchmakers are well trained through training and experience to ensure there will be no lost item during overhauling your watch. Through overhauling, we will be able to identify which parts needed to be replaced.

  • Opening the enclosure with the right tool(s) to prevent permanent damage
  • We will only replace parts with a high-quality part that won’t leave permanent damage
  • Our extensive testing tools will test your watch with different tests to ensure your watch is working appropriately
  • Waterproof test if applicable
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